Crowdfunding for Tourist Attractions

Crowdfunding for Tourist Attractions launched by iCrowdFundCrowdfunding for tourist attractions is a modern way to finance a new or expanding business in the tourism area.
Recently a new crowdfunding site called iCrowdFund was launched on the Irish market by Western Webs, the company that launched three years back. differs from international crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or the Dublin based Fundit in that it supports both ‘All or Nothing’ and ‘Keep it All’ funding projects.
‘All or Nothing’ funded campaigns must reach their planned target or else nothing is given to the project owner, whereas with the ‘Keep it All’ option any amounts pledged to the campaign will be transacted.

iCrowdFund supports both donation and reward based crowdfunding situations. will use the internationally recognised Stripe system for credit card processing.
Stripe which has been operating for a number of years is an Irish owned application, developed to process credit card payments online and on mobile apps.
There are no set up charges for adding projects to the platform. A commission and transaction fee is charged on amounts raised at the end of the fundraising campaign.
According to the founder and Managing Director Paddy Coyne “the reward based option is of particular interest to service or hospitality business owners. Business owners could offer a reward in the form of voucher or membership to those subscribing to the campaign. Supporters of the campaign are in effect a large marketing team, as it is in their interest that the project succeeds”.

In 2012 Western Webs developed on the Irish market. It is now the largest charity fundraising website in Ireland, supporting over 600 non-profits organisations, with the support of over 18,000 registered fundraisers.